Cover features a bigger, bolder, WVU and a sneak peak of the features inside. Photo by M.G. Ellis

Exciting new departments and sections were created for the redesign of the magazine. These departments help to bring a diversity of material to our audience. Each page is loaded with entertaining content—even this contents page features a "Snapshot section," which uses one dynamic photograph to showcase something unique happening on campus. Photo by Brian Persinger

Photo by M.G. Ellis

This modular grid lays the groundwork for the magazine. This six-column grid provides flexibility and ample white space across the spread. Based on 3/16 in. (0.1875), the spacing mixes a classic and contemporary look, while creating harmony and improving legibility.

Sample layout, hierarchy structure, typography, and page elements for the magazine redesign.

This cover was never printed but was a preliminary concept for the redesign that helped capture the voice and visual swagger of a reimagined magazine. Photo by Raymond Thompson

The Last Word Q&A appears on the last page of the magazine. Photo by Scott Lituchy

WVU Magazine 2014-2015 Redesign